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Looking to add value to your home?

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Looking to add value to your home?


That homes with excellent curb appeal sell considerably faster and for more money VS. a home lacking curb appeal. Real estate experts tell us that as much as 50% of home buyers make their decision within seconds of pulling up to a potential home long before they even step through the front door! Here are some great budget friendly tips on improving your curb appeal! For more information or a free home evaluation contact our office at:(951) 663-4039

  • A clutter free property, void of visual distractions
  • The highlighting of existing architectural features of the house and outbuildings, or the addition of such features to create beauty and add interest
  • Adding flowers/ greenery & fresh mulch
  • A coordinated three-tone color scheme on house, garage, & other out-buildings
  • The use of coordinated hardware & fixtures on house, garage & gates, etc.
  • The appropriate use of accents (Plant pots, objects of art, water features, wind chimes, welcome mats, etc.)
  • Space permitting, the tasteful use of beautiful patio furniture to help create a feeling of warmth & welcome
  • The aesthetic use of architectural & landscape lighting